Helpful information for your vacation

Questions and Answers

Here you will find valuable information for your courses in Stuben am Arlberg.

Where is the office?

Our office is located in the village center, directly opposite of Hotel Mondschein, and next to “Herbert’s Dorfladen”.

We share our rooms with a professional ski rental „Skibase Arlberg“. There you can rent skis, boots or sticks, get your skis done and even buy various equipment.

Opening hours ski school

  • Monday to Thursday: 8.15 – 11 am, 3 – 5 pm
  • Friday to Sunday: 8.15 – 11.30 am, 2.30 – 5 pm

You can also book courses online.

Which levels do we teach?

We offer everything from beginner’s level to professional race techniqe in skiing. Snowboard lessons on demand. On the first day of courses you will be put into the level you have chosen when you register. If the level isn’t appropriate you can of course change the levels.

Nevertheless it is very important to announce the right ability when you register – to lack no skiing time.

What do participants have to bring along?
  • Good mood and enthusiasm
  • A complete skiing equipment
  • Warm ski suits, gloves, sun screen, we recommend helmets to everyone (For children up to 16 Jahre it is compulsary!!).
  • Ski pass, which you can also buy in our office, but isn’t included in the ski school rate.
Is the skipass included in the ski school rate?

Ski passes are not included but can be bought directly in our office.

Do beginners also need a ski pass?

Basically yes. Normally beginners don’t need a ski pass the very first morning. Your instrucotor will tell you about what kind of ski pass you will need according to your progress. There are also beginners’ passes only valid on beginners‘ slopes.

Do you need a reservation for group courses?

Normally there are enough courses but during holiday weeks courses can be full. Therefore we generally recommend you to register onine in advance.

Do you have instructors who speak foreing languages?

Our team is very experienced. All instructors speak English and German.

If you prefer another language please contact us and we try finding a suitable instructor. This is only possible for private courses.

Do I get a refund if I don’t like the course.

Basically you’ll get your money back if you have an injury or illness (doctor’s note). But we offer different types of courses (day ticket, prolonging after 3 days, …), to have the financial risk as low as possible. If the course doesn’t live up to your expectations at all, we will only charge you the consumed days.

Do I get my money back in case of an accident?

Courses will be refunded partially. Schischule Stuben assumes no liability for accidents.

Can I use credit cards to pay?

Yes, we accept EC-card, Visa and Mastercard.

How does the classification work?

We follow an international standardised classification of levels, which you can look up here [Link einfügen]. If you register for one of our courses, you have to choose a level. Of course you can change level courses if needed. Based on experience it is getting more and more difficult day by day to adjust to a different group, since our groups become like a family fast and the groups level out at a certain niveau.

Are there also courses for half a day?

You can only book half days as private courses either in the morning or in the afternoon.

Is it also possible to book a certain instructor for a group course?

Basically yes, but we ask you to email us as early as possible. We cannot guaratnee for it but we will do our best.

Do ski course days have to be one after another?

Yes, because the groups follow a certain program and learn something new every day.

How early do we have to book a private instructor in advance?

Due to operational reasons for ask you to book a private guide well enough in advance! If it is urgent, you can even give us a call and we’ll try to find a suiteable intructor for you..

What about bad weather?

Courses and private lessons take place in all weathers provided that the lifts are at work. Pre-booked lessons cannot be changed.

Where do I have to register?

Please come to our office (opening hours, see above).



Can I join a group course during the week?

Groups start on Sunday and Monday. Intermediate skiers can join any time – provided there is a suitable group.

Are there different prices if you book 3 day and then prolonge 2 days?

Yes. If you book single days after a 3 days course, it is a bit more expensive than a 5 or 6 days course.

Questions about courses for children

At which age can children start a course?

We recommend children from 4 years on to join our day courses (4 hours). There is no half day course for groups.

Courses last from 10 to 12am. Then there is a lunch breaktogether with the group (Attention: not included in the course rate. Lunch is about 18 Euro). After lunchbreak the course continues till 3.30 pm. Then the children can be picked up.

Can our children stay together in a group?

We mainly from the groups according to the level. If your children or friends are the same level, please tell us that you want them skiing in the same group the very first day. We’ll try our best to fulfill your wishes. If they are not the same level, the better one has to go to a lower level.

Where is the meeting place?

Schischule Stuben’s meeting place is on the beginners‘ slope. It is easy to find (At the beginning of Stuben, coming from Bodensee on the left hand side. Coming from St. Anton it is on the right hand side.)

Can parents and children join group lessons at the same time?

Yes, parents and children courses are set out that both can attend their course. You can bring the children from 9.30 – 9.45 Uhr to the meeting place. We look after your children until your group is back and you can pick them up (you should do so till 3.40 pm).

How many children are in the group?

Normally there are 8 children in a group. In case one of the instructors falls ill, we sometimes have to put groups together.

If there are any questions left, please call us.