Become a freeriding pro


Freeride camps „Classic“ are our classical camps. They address skiier, who already have some experience in powder skiing.

  • Qualified ski instructors teach you the right technique.
  • You have your first experiences in vergin snow – together with your ski guide.
  • Freeride camps „Basic“ take place in the whole Arlberg area.


  • Camps last three days (Sunday to Tuesday). Safety training takes place on late Sunday afternoons
  • participants: at least 4 people. Maximum group size: 8 people.
  • When: weekly

The most beautiful deep snow slopes and variants



  • Qualified mountain and ski guides lead your day. Attention: these courses are NO ski lessons!
  • Maximum group size: 8 people
  • Requirement: master parallel turning safely
3 Days€ 270,00
extension days Skiguiding € 85,00
safety equipment (avalanche beacon, shovel, avalanche probe) € 20,00 pro Tag
Airbag€ 20,00 pro Tag
Up-To-Date Freeride-Ski (when required incl. Touring binding and furs) auf Anfrage

Who can join?

Theoretically, all.

However, there is a minimum requirement. Participants should be able to drive safely in parallel.

  • Minimum number of participants: 4 persons
  • Maximum number of participants: 6 persons
  • The courses take place weekly in winter.
  • The freeride camps last a total of three days (Sunday to Tuesday).
  • The safety training takes place late on Sunday afternoon. Extension days can also be booked on request.

Attention:   During holiday weeks  (December 30th – January 5th) you can only book this camp on request in advance!

Freeriding – Safety first!

Apart from having fun skiing off the pists, we never forget the dangers that may occur in our beautiful nature. Maximum safety is therefore the prime principle in our freeride camps.

Factor of safety 1:

Qualified mountain and ski guides lead your day. According to weather forecast and  avalanche warning they choose the right slopes and rides. Maximum group size: 8 people

Factor of safety 2:

Every participant has to have their own personal safety equipment (helmet, avalanche transceiver, shovel, avalanche probe) and optains a thourough introduction  in using the equipment.

Factor of safety 3:

The latest BCA-system has enormously improved the safety. Airbags help to stay on the surface of an avalanche or help to avoid a deep burial in snow masses in case of an avalanche. The chance of surviving an avalanche raises up to more than 90%.